6 Key Considerations for Overseas Manufacturing and Importing

A significant part of VOX’s business is direct importing from overseas manufacturers. We import hundreds of containers every year with products ranging from a basic promotional key chain, to highly customized brand items such as clothing, backpacks, handbags, and watches. All of which require an extensive sourcing network to deliver. It has taken us years […]

No, No, No…this sample is all wrong.

After initial discussion about your product, requirements have been gathered and the choice made to manufacture and import your product from overseas .  All is well. You are good to this point. Then… Your first sample arrives. It is functionally close to your description, but the material is all wrong. The color is not right. It […]

Top 10 Promo Product Uses

The Promotional Products Association Industry (PPAI) conducted a study to find out how people use promotional products in their marketing. The association included the findings in its 2010 Promotional Products Fact Sheet, which it distributed at the 2011 PPAI Expo.

Not all promo companies are created equal

One thing we can attest to is that not all promotional companies are the same. It was through frustrating experiences with other companies that eventually led to the creation of VOX Marketing. There are a lot of challenges and frustrations we face in everyday business, but ranking high on that list has to be those […]