10 Summer-centric Promotional Items

Summer is quickly approaching and a change in season is a great time to take advantage of themed promotional products.  The warmth of the summer sun brings people outdoors and together which is a great situation to creatively promote your brand to the masses.

Here are 10 great summer products that will keep you in the mind of your customers when the heat really sets in.


Beach Totes
You don’t need a beach nearby to make use of a great tote. These can be the perfect bag for any gathering. You can make it large or small. The design can be bright and loud or subdued. With so many styles and options available it is tough to go wrong.

Sun Glasses
Premium sunglasses look good on just about anyone. These are great for any outdoor gathering, company party, or summer event.


A great looking hat can go a long way in promoting your brand. Make it stand out with puff embroidery, a patch applique, or one of our many other custom options.

Water Bottle
Water bottles are one of the best promotional items you can give. A quality water bottle will be used for a long time, keeping your brand front and center.



A T-shirt  is a fantastic promotional item…if done right. Quality and design cannot be overlooked. If you get it right (and it is not that hard) then every shirt you give out will be a walking billboard all summer long.

Beach Towel
Soak up the sun while showcasing your brand on a custom beach towel. These are great gifts for an employee party.


Need a promotional item that will be around for the long haul? Custom coolers are great because they are reusable and everyone needs one now and then. That means that your brand is guaranteed to be seen for an extended period of time.

Lip Balm
You can never have too much lip balm around. At least that is what my wife believes since she loses a tube every week. Lip balm is a simple, inexpensive gift that your audience will appreciate. Win:Win.


Beach Ball
Get your party started with a beach ball free for all. Beach balls are an inexpensive gift that will bring colorful fun to your gathering.

Logoed sunscreen can be placed beautifully into any sunny spring or summertime events.  Your customers or employees will thank you for it, especially those that forgot to bring some (I’m usually that guy).


Want to really make an impression? Talk to us about going beyond just the logo and fully customizing products to make your brand truly stand out.


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