Vox Marketing Group: 22 Years of Experience With the Direct Selling Association

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Since our beginning in 1997, Vox MG has rapidly become one of the most trusted full-service providers of custom branded merchandise and manufacturing solutions.

We manufacture, source, and direct import custom products and promotional materials for companies of all types, but we have a special relationship with direct selling groups. Our products are particularly suited to this industry and are commonly used as core products and incentives for distributors.

Vox Marketing Group has 22 years of positive experience with the Direct Selling Association, and we look forward to many more. We have a great relationship with companies that have been members of the DSA for years. We supply core products, incentive/recognition products, corporate apparel and other custom category items to some of the biggest names in the industry.

Vox Marketing Group’s Relationship with DSA Member Companies

Direct Selling Association (DSA) is the national trade association for companies that market products and services directly to consumers through an independent, entrepreneurial sales force. It’s valued by many thriving businesses in the United States that use the direct selling channel to market their products directly to consumers. At Vox, we work hard to develop quality continuing relationships with many companies that are members of the DSA. We abide by the guidelines companies have to follow in order to be approved by the trusted organization.

The stated mission of the DSA is to serve, protect and promote member companies, as well as the individual businesspeople those companies represent. The DSA also functions as a watchdog and makes sure all member companies conduct business honestly.

The DSA’S Code of Ethics

DSA member companies are required to follow a Code of Ethics, which can be found by visiting


In addition to these DSA member company guidelines, there is also a Code of Ethics for independent salespeople affiliated with DSA member companies. These ethics codes are intended to promote consumer confidence in the direct selling industry and keep member businesses honest.

Our Code of Ethics

At Vox Marketing Group, we also follow a Code of Ethics. We pledge to put the needs of our customers first and to always produce high-quality products. We understand that your brand and logo are amongst the most important commodities your company has. Your overall product vision and messaging are at the highest priority when creating custom retail products for you.

It really doesn’t matter how simple or grand your product vision is. Our team knows how to make it happen. Over the last two decades, we’ve already done it all. We excel at turning ideas and concepts into tangible, durable and useful products.

Why Our Products Are Well-Suited to Direct Selling Businesses

In the direct selling industry, your products are everything. Remember, you’re not only trying to win the confidence of your end consumers but of your distributors as well. To promote loyalty to your business, it’s important to offer your distributors incentives and recognition when they reach certain milestones. We can create full-custom branded products that your distributors will look forward to earning with great anticipation.

From recreational products such as backpacks and longboards to everyday items like refillable soap dispensers and dryer balls, we know how to manufacture practically anything. Our bar is set very high when it comes to our quality standards, so you can have confidence that everything you order through us will meet or exceed expectations. Our products are perfect for incentives, event registrations, distributor welcome kits and more.

Core Products

Our core products are some of our most popular because they make everyday life a little easier. They also help people reach their health and wellness goals. They include:

  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Household cleaners
  • Health and wellness items

These types of products make great additions to your health and wellness, and household/personal care categories.

Our New 2020 Products

In response to high demand, we have recently launched a wide selection of brand-new products for 2020. They include:

  • Weight management products (workout wear, shaker bottles, resistance bands, etc.)
  • Bath and body products (essential oil lotions, bath bombs, candles, etc.)
  • Beauty products (skincare, haircare, fragrances, etc.)
  • Cosmetics (makeup bags, brushes, cleansing cloths, etc.)
  • Household and personal care items (glass spray bottles, diapers, disinfectant wipes,  etc.)
  • Men’s grooming supplies (charcoal bars, shave kits, razors, etc.)
  • Sports and fitness products (leggings, yoga pants, headbands, etc.)
  • Health and wellness products (supplement organizers, drinkware, CBD oil, etc.)

Vox Marketing takes pride in its partnership with the most-reputable factories. Our partner factories manufacture for Honest Company and Hello Bello for cleaning and baby products. That means our products are manufactured to the highest retail quality and are made from plant-based, organic materials.

Event Registration Items

Registration events are a big deal in the direct selling world, and we can help you rise to the occasion with world-class branded product offerings. Whether you plan to hold your event at a large venue or online, we’ll give you access to plenty of promotional items, including lanyards, reusable bags and lapel pins.

Every item, regardless of size, will be carefully branded with your logo and/or company name. We’ll make sure every pen, notepad, and product bag helps to further your brand visibility and outreach.

Distributor Welcome Kits

Distributor welcome kits provide some of the most important marketing opportunities direct selling companies have. Think of these kits as the perfect opportunity to gain the confidence of your newest recruits. A shiny pen emblazoned with your logo or a quality branded shaker bottle can help you make a great first impression.  

Recognition and Incentives

The most successful direct selling companies are masters at offering recognition and incentives to their top earners. If you want your Silver, Gold, and Diamond level sellers to feel valued, consider rewarding them with special promotional items when they reach various milestones. You can come to us for ideas or let us know exactly what you want, and we’ll create it for you.

Ask Us About Our Custom Branded Merchandise

In addition to maintaining a great relationship with the DSA and some of its top member companies, Vox marketing Group also maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have also been named one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc. 5000. You can trust us with your company’s branded product needs. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to give you product recommendations for your distributor welcome kits, event registration items and incentives.   

Essential Oil Lotions

Lotion and essential oil are a match made in heaven. Essential oils provide a variety of health and skincare benefits, but they can be too harsh if applied directly to the skin undiluted. By diluting the most popular types of essential oil in lotion, they become very gentle and safe to use on all skin types. Essential oils also function as natural, organic fragrances in our lotion products. 


Mother’s Day Bags

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we can help you prepare for the occasion with attractive, reusable Mother’s Day bags. These bags are durable, useful and sentimental. Anytime you can tug on your customers’ heart strings, it’s generally a good thing and can help you earn their loyalty. 


Soap Gift Sets

Soap has always been a popular gift, but its popularity has skyrocketed this year. Our soap gift sets are not only very useful, but they are also beautifully packaged. In a time when hand-washing is stressed more than ever before, a soap gift set is the perfect way to show your employees or distributors that you care.  



Essential oil aromatherapy is making waves in the health and wellness industries. More studies are confirming that essential oils have a remarkable ability to do everything from boost your mood to relieve sinus pressure. Our diffusers help distribute essential oils into the air in small quantities over a long period of time. Diffusers make excellent incentives for distributors who make it to the next level of achievement. 


Shower Rack

For some strange reason, showers almost never come with sufficient storage for shampoos, conditioners, luffas and other items. Our durable shower racks help meet the need for additional storage and organization in the shower. They’re easy to install and make a great addition to your bath and body category of products.  



The candle industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and we can help you capitalize on some of that popularity. Our candles are a high-demand product, and it’s easy to see why. They smell great, look great, and make thoughtful gifts. They are also commonly used in home décor. All of these benefits make candles one of the most versatile gifts you can give. 

Skin Care Products

We are sticklers when it comes to enforcing high quality standards for our skin care products. We make sure very spritz, cream and face wash meets color, aroma and viscosity specifications. Our goal is to provide our customers with skin care products that nurture the skin without exposing it to harmful chemicals. Our skin care products look and feel luxurious. They make excellent gifts for Silver, Gold or Diamond-level sellers. 


Everyone loves a good fragrance. At Vox, we’ve worked hard to select light and airy fragrances that last for hours. We offer several fragrance varieties, since we know people have different preferences when it comes to scents. Our fragrances come in durable bottles that can be customized with your company’s logo and name. 

Hair Care Products

Have you ever noticed how many hair care products you can find at your average grocery or hair supply store? Hair care products are always in high demand, and they make great incentives or enrollment kit freebies. As with all our products, our hair care selections are made with safe ingredients and meet high retail-quality standards. 


Compacts are commonly used to hold face powder and other types of makeup. They keep the contents inside organized, clean and safe from damage. Compacts make affordable employee gifts and are easily branded. Though they are small, they’re very useful and can make everyday life more convenient for recipients. If you’re looking for popular beauty products that store easily and don’t take up much space, compacts may be the best choice. 


Free Gift-With-Purchase Bags

People love getting stuff for free, especially if it looks attractive and serves a useful purpose. At Vox, we offer free gift-with-purchase bags that you can include with small or large customer purchases. These bags are made with durable materials and are intended to be branded with your company name. They provide an affordable way to make a big impression on your customers. 


Quality makeup brushes are always in high demand. They help users apply cosmetics smoothly without damaging delicate facial skin. Not all makeup brushes are created equal, though. Some use synthetic materials and harsh bristles that can irritate the skin. Fortunately, ours are made to high quality standards. They feature soft bristles and are non-irritating. 


Makeup Bags 

Makeup bags are exceptional promotional items. Like purses, make up bags are classy and useful. They add value to daily life and keep cosmetics organized and easily accessible. We can customize your makeup bags to include your company name and/or logo and help you meet your brand recognition goals. Our high-quality makeup bags make great distributor gifts or milestone rewards. 



Like makeup brushes, makeup sponges help users apply makeup seamlessly. Sponges are primarily used to apply wet makeup, such as liquid foundation and contouring products. A quality sponge is key to achieving a natural, blemish-free look. We’re proud to offer soft, top-quality sponges to our selection of new 2020 cosmetic products.  


Shower Caps

Shower caps make it possible to cleanse the body without getting your hair wet. They are particularly popular among women who want to shower without flattening their hairstyles. At Vox, we offer comfortable and stylish shower caps that make thoughtful gifts. If you sell cosmetic products, a shower cap may be the ideal free gift to include in a starter kit. 


Cleansing Cloths

When it comes to cleansing your skin, not any cloth will do. Regular bathroom towels and hand cloths can be rough and harsh on the skin, and they aren’t effective at removing makeup. Fortunately, we offer soft cleansing cloths that gently lift impurities from the skin. As with all our cosmetic products, our cleansing cloths are made with plant-based and organic ingredients. 



A luffa is an essential bath and shower tool for scrubbing away dirt, excess oil and old skin cells from the body. Using a luffa regularly can help smooth the skin and make it look more youthful and vibrant. Our luffas are made from natural materials that are safe for the skin and deliver great cleansing results.

Travel Incentive/Recognition Kit

Travel incentives and recognitions are some of the most desirable rewards, and we can help make them happen for your top-earning distributors. We can provide you with travel incentive kits that will spike excitement for your upcoming recognition events and encourage sellers to work hard to reach the next milestone. 


Glass Awards

Glass awards are the perfect recognition items. They are classy, eye-catching and easily customized. We create beautiful glass awards that will help you recognize the achievements of your top earners as well as sellers who have recently advanced. These awards are heavy, attractive and made to last.  



Sweatshirts never go out of style. They’re the comfortable wardrobe item everyone has in common. They also make excellent recognition items and incentives. As with all our products, we make it easy to customize sweatshirts with your preferred logo design and brand name. Our sweatshirts are made from comfortable material that’s both durable and attractive. 



If you’re looking for wearable items that your sellers will be excited to earn, consider our high-quality jackets. They’re made to complement any style and have a flattering fit. When customized, these jackets become effective branding tools that will expand your marketing reach. You may want to order some of these personalized jackets for your inventory so they’re ready for your next distributor recognition event.

Shaker Bottles and Drinkware

Protein powders and other drink mixes are more popular now than ever before, and users need a way to easily mix their drinks. Our shaker bottles and drinkware are perfect for this purpose. They’re BPA-free and made with durable materials. They’re also very easily customized, which makes them a wise addition to your company’s promotional strategy. 



Our pillboxes are great for keeping prescription medications organized. They can also ensure users don’t accidentally miss a day or unknowingly take two doses within a single day. As with all our other products, our pillboxes can be customized with your company’s name and/or logo. They make great employee gifts. 


Supplement Organizers

Supplement organizers can keep counters clutter-free and help users manage their supplements. Our organizers can also help people see when they are running low on a certain supplement and need to place another order. 

Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are a quick and convenient way to clean countertops and other surfaces. They are important household cleaning staples that the world has come to appreciate even more this year. They are also on track to become one of the top 2020 product trends in household cleaning.


Spray Bottles

We now offer glass spray bottles with non-slip silicone bases. Glass is popular for cleaning with essential oils because of its inert nature, which won’t damage or interact with the delicate oils inside.  


First Aid Kits

A first aid kit is the essential home item you hope you never have to use, but should always have on-hand. We offer quality first aid kits that don’t take up a lot of room and can easily be stored in bathroom closets or vehicle trunks for easy access.


Dryer Balls

Dryer sheets are single-use products that are wasteful by nature. Dryer balls, on the other hand, are the reusable, economic option for eliminating static and helping clothes dry more quickly.



Diapers are unlikely to lose their place as staples in modern society. As long as there are babies and toddlers, there will be a need for diapers.


Baby wipes

Like diapers, baby wipes are crucial when raising a family. Our wipes are durable and formulated with gentle, non-irritating ingredients.


Cleaning Totes

Our cleaning totes make it easy for users to carry their cleaning supplies around with them. The totes also double as storage containers that keep household cleaners organized.


Soap Dispensers

This year, many people are stocking up on large soap refill bottles, which means they need soap dispensers to use what they have. Our soap dispensers come in convenient sizes and are made to last.



In addition to reiterating the importance of washing hands, the CDC is also stressing the need to keep living spaces clean and germ-free. Our mops make it easier to accomplish this task.

Shave Kits and Razors

Who says you can’t look well-groomed even when you’re social distancing? Shaving regularly can help you maintain a sense of normalcy, no matter what’s going on around you. It’s much easier to achieve a good shave when you have a great shaving kit. Our shave kits are high quality and contain sharp razors and other supplies needed to get a clean, smooth shave. 


Our headbands are made from quality materials that can help you stay dry during your workouts. They are designed to stretch for a comfortable fit and come in basic colors that complement most workout wear. In addition to keeping sweat out of your face, our headbands also make a fashion statement.  


Yoga Pants

Looking for yoga pants that are made from quality, long-lasting materials? You’ve come to the right place. Our yoga pants are flexible, durable and made from non-see-through materials. They’re also a great way to display your brand or logo. We can make your branding discreet or obvious, depending on your preferences. 



Everyone deserves at least one great pair of socks. At Vox, we pride ourselves in offering socks that are made from durable materials and provide plenty of support. They’re perfect for wearing with your favorite sneakers or around the house. They also make thoughtful and affordable employee incentives and distributor reward gifts. 



Leggings are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Ours are remarkably comfortable and are great for all-day wear. As with all our sports and fitness products, we can customize each pair of leggings with your company’s logo and/or name. The promise of branded leggings can encourage distributors to work a little harder to reach that next milestone. Leggings also make great holiday gifts and employee appreciation rewards.


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