4 Questions Part 3: It gets crazy…behind the scenes

I mentioned in a recent post that we were asked several questions by one of our customers as part of an annual review they conduct with all their vendors. They asked us some great questions that are a good point of discussion and questions every business should ask regularly.

To catch up, you can read the original post, and the response to question one.

The next question in the series that I am going to address is:
Please describe and define any additional value-added services your organization provides.

In a lot of ways, this question is similar to the next question they posed “what is your competitive edge”. Of which I will address in the final post of this series.

Value-added services are often described as services outside of the core offering. We look at it as the behind the scenes service that happen to make everything seem simple and smooth to the customer.

It is funny because we often hear things like:

“How did you get it here in time?”

“This is great! I’m not sure how you pulled it off.”

That is our goal!

When a customer wants to create an apparel piece, a custom bag or backpack, or anything else that requires overseas manufacturing we work to make it as easy as possible for them. We want to make everything seem perfect and smooth, despite the fact, that in most cases what they do not see is the heart-poundings, blood pressure risings, mid-project factory changes, 2:00 AM phone calls to China, multiple on-site inspections, and the occasional battle with US Customs, all of which happen in the background.

Our value-added service is getting it done from start to finish while taking the stress off the customer and throwing it on our shoulders.

In general, your value added services should provide advantage to both the customer and the service provider. Customers receive something above and beyond their basic needs. Service providers benefit from an increased rapport with the client, which could develop into future business.

What value-added services do you appreciate most from a vendor?





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