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In 1997, Kip Rollins founded the company that would later be known as Vox MG. At the time, he was fresh out of advertising school and was working for a company called Major Video Concepts. The company bought movies from studios, then sold them to Hollywood Video and Blockbuster. Kip’s main responsibility was to make sure all employees wore promotional merchandise for movie launches.

He soon discovered how difficult it could be to get swag products on time. Often, swag products were delivered so late that they were no longer relevant. Kip saw a need and decided to fill it. He founded Vox MG and began selling merchandise to radio and TV stations. He ran the business out of a rented a single room in Orem from a failing software company.

Early Growth and Vox Asia

Vox was soon offered an opportunity that would change his life. “A company called us out of the blue and asked if we could provide them with 30,000 cosmetic bags from China. They explained that their regular distributor went out of business and they needed a new one. We agreed to take on the project, even though we hadn’t done work in China before.”

Vox scheduled a trip to meet directly with the manufacturer in China. After 10 days touring factories, negotiating contracts and getting to know the people we would rely on to produce the cosmetic bags, we had an office in Hong Kong.


As Vox MG grew over the years, it was soon apparent that the small Orem office would no longer be sufficient. In 2014, we moved headquarters to our current location in Provo. We’re located near the East Bay Golf Course, in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains.

Our current office has served us well as we continue to experience impressive growth. Currently, we have 125 employees in the U.S., as well as 17 employees in China. We have a full staff of designers, warehouse personnel, customer success managers and strategists who all work together to create and distribute quality branded products.

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Beyond Provo and Vox Ships

In 2014, we created Zummix, a shipping company that was quickly renamed Vox Fulfillment.

The purpose of this company is to provide shipping services for customers who couldn’t do it themselves. Since we had already developed relationships based on trust, our customers knew they could rely on Vox Ships to provide safe and timely delivery of their products.  

We provide top-quality merchandise to many businesses in and around the Provo area. But we also have some clients beyond Utah County that we are doing business with. We currently manufacture products for clients in the following areas:

  • Chicago: Amway, Amsoil, RainX, NFL
  • Arizona: Isagenix, PXG, GoDaddy
  • California: Adobe, Google, LinkedIn, Tesla