The Power of Useful Trade Show Swag

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Figuring out your tradeshow swag can be a real challenge. The point of going to a tradeshow is to build brand awareness for your business and get on people’s radar.  If you’re trying to recruit new hires, you want them to apply for a job.  If you’re trying to find new clients, you want them […]

Door-to-Door Uniform tips in 2020

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Door-to-door sales aren’t easy. Your crew spends countless hours dealing with rejection, disappointment and even angry outbursts. It’s a hard job…and it only gets harder when your uniform is uncomfortable, they wear out, or they keep your customers from taking you seriously. Nothing quite ruins a potential sale like showing up hot, sweaty and grumpy […]

Cut and Sew Mishaps: Ramping Up Apparel Manufacturing

cut and sew manufacturing process

Getting into apparel manufacturing can be a bit intimidating. Clothes are such a commonplace part of our lives that it’s easy to take the manufacturing process for granted. You just come up with a design, find a manufacturer and you’re ready to go, right? Not by a long shot. The further you get into the […]

New Hire Welcome Boxes: Kickstarting Your Company Culture

What’s your most important business asset? Is it your product? Your proprietary software? Customer service? Distribution network? Trademarks? Brand? Physical locations? Intellectual property? While all of these assets (and many more) are certainly valuable, your most valuable asset is your human capital—the men and women who make your business great. But, if you’re reading this […]

Can Employee Incentives and Awards Really Boost Production by 13%?

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Clothing design companies like VOX MG enable businesses to experience significant gains in productivity. That’s a bold claim, but the research bears it out. Businesses can use items like hats, jackets, sunglasses, backpacks, and other well-designed employee incentives and rewards for improved performance. These incentives really work and result in companies where people work better […]

Ordering Custom Ink Hats? 3 Reasons VOX MG Does Better

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One of the most important principles in marketing is brand equity, or the popularity and visible reach of your brand. To build up your brand equity, you may have been considering ordering some Custom Ink hats. Before you do that, consider a few important points. What Is Brand Equity? One of the basic ways to […]

5 Things a Brand is Not

What do you think of when you think “brand”? Too often we misuse the term brand and branding. Ask around. Ask your coworkers. How did they define your company’s brand? There is always a lot of confusion as to what a brand is that it is easiest to begin with what a brand is not.

Success? How do you define it?

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I came across this quote the other day while doing some research for a post, and rather than write that post, I felt discussing this would be better, and perhaps even more relevant. It is easy in business and life to get caught up in the frantic pace of day to day task lists, meetings, […]

Competition is a Great Teacher

Almost everyone is engaged in some type of competition, whether it is an athletic competition or simply a ‘may the best man win’ competition.  Regardless of what type of competition you are in, it is important to keep an eye on the competitor.  During these times, learning as much as you can about the opponent […]