The Vox Virtual Marketplace: Generate More Sales With Online Events

virtual marketplace online store

Trade shows are the bread-and-butter of lead generation for companies across all industries. Unfortunately, trade shows this year have been almost universally canceled due to COVID-19. But don’t worry! You have the option to create a virtual marketplace or trade show that will promote your business just as well as any live show if it’s […]

Vox Marketing Group: 22 Years of Experience With the Direct Selling Association

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Since our beginning in 1997, Vox MG has rapidly become one of the most trusted full-service providers of custom branded merchandise and manufacturing solutions. We manufacture, source, and direct import custom products and promotional materials for companies of all types, but we have a special relationship with direct selling groups. Our products are particularly suited […]

Conference Lanyards, Signage, and Welcome Bags: An Event Organizer’s Guide

custom conference lanyards

To attendees, a good event often seems like magic: the venue transforms overnight and fills with people and sponsors. Speakers and panels pop up in the right places at the right times, and everything runs like a perfectly oiled machine. But there’s a secret to all of that effortless magic: Event organizers. For every hour […]

The Power of Useful Trade Show Swag

Custom T Shirt Vox MG Provo Utah

Figuring out your tradeshow swag can be a real challenge. The point of going to a tradeshow is to build brand awareness for your business and get on people’s radar.  If you’re trying to recruit new hires, you want them to apply for a job.  If you’re trying to find new clients, you want them […]