Ordering Custom Ink Hats? 3 Reasons VOX MG Does Better

custom ink beanies by vox mg

One of the most important principles in marketing is brand equity, or the popularity and visible reach of your brand. To build up your brand equity, you may have been considering ordering some Custom Ink hats. Before you do that, consider a few important points.

What Is Brand Equity?

One of the basic ways to measure brand equity is by verifying where and how often you see your brand displayed in public. For example, suppose you produced some custom stickers with your logo on them, and gave them out to employees and customers. There’s a good chance that you’ll see some of those stickers displayed on people’s laptops and water bottles around town. The more often you see that, the higher your brand equity.

Consider the fact that not even your employees are obligated to display your company logo on their personal items. The “cool factor” is a big deal when it comes to wearing company logos outside of work. It’s even a consideration inside of work where it’s optional. So, quality counts, and it makes a big positive difference towards building up your brand equity. That’s why you should consider the custom hats that VOX MG can make for your company.



Incomparable Custom Manufacturing



VOX MG has over twenty years of experience designing and manufacturing custom clothing and retail-quality items for businesses and their employees. We have learned a great deal during those two decades. We know how to put together the very best possible quality marketing items for any client.



We’re able to mix and match materials and colors in exactly the right way to promote your brand and your values. If you like the construction of a certain brand of hat, but prefer the materials of another, we can make it happen. Not even the sky’s the limit when it comes to the kinds of items VOX MG can put together for you.



Unparalleled Attention to Your Details



Another key way that VOX MG stands out in comparison to ordering Custom Ink hats is that we provide each client with a dedicated representative throughout the entire process. Starting with the most basic design steps, your VOX MG rep listens to your concerns and makes sure that what we put together reflects exactly what you want and need for your company.



That’s not all, though. Our representatives don’t stop working for you after the design is complete. They keep tabs on the entire process, ensuring that everything is manufactured according to specifications. From there, they monitor the fulfillment and delivery process, verifying that not only do you receive the product in a timely manner, but also that it works for you! We leave nothing to chance, and we deliver the best possible quality at every stage of the process.



Quality. Variety. Capability. 



In addition to delivering top quality, the sheer variety of what we are capable of making is second to none, including Custom Ink hats. 



VOX MG custom designs and manufactures all of the following styles, and more (ask us!):



  • Embroidered hats and caps
  • Beanies
  • Trucker hats
  • New Era hats
  • Snapback hats
  • Fitted hats
  • Dad hats
  • Bucket hats
  • Baseball and other ballcaps
  • Flexfit hats
  • Patch hats



All are available in an extensive variety of color, fabric, and pattern options. Each of them can be fitted with a high-quality custom fabric or rubber logo.



Looking into Custom Ink Hats? Definitely call VOX MG First.



You never have to compromise on quality when it comes to building your brand equity. Give your team the best; something they’ll be proud to wear. Give them hats made by VOX MG!


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