Components of a Full-Custom Hat

Deconstructed Hat-4 components

When you order from Vox, you have the power to customize every single detail of your hats, from the brims to the embroidery. Here’s what you should know about the basic components of a full-custom hat.


Deconstructed Hat-3 ful cap components

The brim or bill is one of the most important features of a custom hat. It’s also commonly referred to as a visor. While its primary function is to shield the eyes from sunlight, it also serves a very important stylistic function. The brims of custom trucker hats are generally wider and flatter than the brims of average baseball caps. There are a wide variety of brim curvatures and shapes available, so take some time to figure out what type will look best with your custom hats.


The crown of a hat is the distance from the top of the cap to the bottom edge. Hats with deeper crowns tend to sit lower on the head, while hats with shallower crowns tend to sit higher on the head. It’s generally best to choose a hat with a deeper crown if you want to achieve the most universal fit.

Custom Patches

Custom patches are a great way to showcase your brand. You have a lot of leeway when it comes to choosing the shapes, sizes, and colors of your patches. Choose any placement location you prefer, though front and center is the most popular location for patches.

Branding Options

We offer many branding options for your custom snapback hats. We can create your custom logo using PVC rubber or quality embroidery options. Ask us for a sample if you’d like to see how our different branding selections look in person.


The closure of a hat is very important. You can choose from snapback closures (our most popular), buckles, or plastic hooks. Adjustable closures help users get the perfect, custom fit.

Top Button

The top buttons on custom hats help hold all of the panels together. Generally, these buttons are covered in fabric that’s the same color as the rest of the hat. There are different button sizes you can choose from. Smaller buttons create a more discreet, streamlined look, while larger buttons are ideal for creating a bold statement. 


The fabric strips used to cover the inner seams of custom trucker hats are referred to as taping. They help prevent the hat from unraveling and also give the final product a seamless, polished appearance.

Order Your Custom Snapback Hats

Hats are well-loved across many demographics and can make a great addition to your team or your e-commerce shop. For help placing your first order of custom hats, contact Vox MG today.


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