Corporate Event Promotional Products Your Attendees Will Love

Corporate events are an exciting time filled with people excited about your company, which equals… OPPORTUNITY.

First, for the purposes of this post, a corporate event is defined as an event or convention specific to your company. An event centered about your company. This is not to be confused with a trade show, which is an event focused around an idea or industry in which many companies participate.

People attending your event are fans of your company and brand. They are excited to be there and will typically grab any and all branded gear you offer.


These people are a great opportunity and resource to you in further promoting your brand. Put this group to work for you. Every item they use with your brand on it is a walking billboard. Everyone this person now interacts with sees your brand.

Based on what we see each year, whether you are selling the items, or giving them away, here are some of the most popular items your attendees will love:



Polos, T-shirts, jackets, and more.  You can further impress your attendees with a fully custom piece, with unique design elements, branded buttons, zipper pulls, hang tags, and more.




Placing your logo on a hat or custom making one to better reflect your brand creates a lasting, highly visible promo.




Everyone loves a well-made bag.  Handbags, totes, messengers, and backpacks… with so many styles available your biggest problem will be narrowing it down to perfectly fit your audience.




Luggage is a great item for your attendees, many of which have traveled to attend your event. Create a piece that is easily distinguishable when on the baggage claim carousel and they will love it and you all the more.



Perhaps a no-brainer…giving your attendees a something on which they can take notes while listening to your speakers is as close to a “must” as they come. In fact, past experience has taught me that many attendees are vocally upset when not given these simple tools as part of the event. Don’t make the same mistake.



Water bottle:
Custom water bottles promote a health-conscious and eco-friendly image for your organization. Giving out reusable water bottles encourages customers to stay hydrated, a key to continued good health.




Tech Items:
This is a broad category, but a category your attendees love to receive. USB drives are great for promotion, and can be the perfect delivery method to reward your attendees with take home materials to further promote your brand. Also consider a mouse, screen cleaners, flashlights and other useful “toys”.



Again, a very broad category, but key chains, pins, cell phone charms, bracelets, etc are great items that further endear your audience to your brand while gaining impressions from all they come in contact with.


Creating the right mix of promotional items can be challenging, but you can’t go wrong with starting from these items. Your attendees will appreciate and use these items, further promoting your brand in the process.

What would you add to the list? What items have been most successful in your business?


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