Covid Kits for Traveling Employees

For the past few months, traveling for business has been off the table for most companies. The current pandemic has completely changed the face of the traveling industry and forced businesses to keep their salespeople home for a while. However, there are positive indications that travel will open up on a large scale very soon. Are you prepared? Do you know how to keep your employees safe during upcoming business trips?

Travel sanitizing is essential for avoiding illness. Here’s what each employee travel immunity kit should include.

High-Quality Vitamin and Mineral Formula

We recommend that every traveler take along a high-quality vitamin and mineral supplement. It doesn’t matter if it comes in capsule, tablet, or gummy form. Just look for a product that provides you with the complex nutrients your body needs to function optimally. Suggestions include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • B vitamins
  • Selenium
  • Iron

Hand Sanitizers

custom liquid hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are essential for healthy traveling. It’s impossible to know how thoroughly your plane seat, food tray, and armrests have been cleaned by airplane staff. To give yourself greater peace of mind on your upcoming trip, but at least one hand sanitizer product in your sanitizing travel kit. Spray sanitizers are easier to use on a variety of surfaces than thicker gel sanitizers, so they’re preferred for travel sanitizing. Vox MG provides clients with branded spray sanitizer bottles so you can improve brand awareness while cleaning up your immediate surroundings.


Have you ever heard the saying “good health starts with gut health”? Research shows a link between digestive issues and other, seemingly unrelated health conditions. Your body needs a healthy digestive system to properly eliminate waste and absorb nutrients from your food. Probiotics can help you create a healthy environment in your gut for the good bacteria that will help your body fight off illnesses.

There are many different types of probiotics out there, so how can you figure out which one is the best fit for your body’s needs? You can tell a lot about a probiotic by looking at how many different strains of gut-friendly bacteria it contains. If there are fewer than five strains, it’s probably not the most effective product you can get. For best results, look for a probiotic that has at least eight different strains of bacteria.

Filter Bottle

Water isn’t always safe to drink on your travels, especially if you’re heading to an area that is known for frequent water contamination issues. To keep yourself safe from water-borne illnesses, bring a filter bottle in your travel sanitizing kit. Even if the water in your area is technically safe, a filter bottle will improve the taste and get rid of any potential impurities. Alternatively, you may want to bring along some water purification tablets so you can quickly and easily purify your drinking water wherever you go.

Face Mask

Face masks used to be reserved primarily for medical professionals, but due to the current pandemic, they are now being manufactured for regular household use. Every travel sanitizing kit should include at least one face mask. If you choose a disposable type, pack several. If you choose a reusable type, make sure you have a way to wash your mask regularly during your upcoming trip.


Most airlines are taking steps to thoroughly clean and sanitize passenger seats before and after each flight. But if you’re concerned about getting sick, you may want to bring along a few pairs of disposable latex gloves in your sanitizing travel kit anyway.

Purchase Supplies for Your Immunity Kits

At Vox MG, we offer a variety of sanitizing supplies that will make great additions to your employee immunity kits. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your employees stay safe and well during their upcoming travels.


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