Custom Pop Sockets: Better than Most Last-Minute Trade Show Items

Vox MG Custom Branded PopSocket

So, you’re mere days away from a major marketing and networking event. In between all the planning and the logistics of getting everyone there and back and keeping them happy all the while… you forgot to order any promotional giveaway items. Don’t worry! It’s possible to solve this problem, and fast, with custom Pop Sockets.

What Message do You Send With a Pen VS. a Custom Pop Socket? 

Sure, a few dozen pens with your company logo might be a cheaper and faster way to get ready for a trade show. But consider the purpose of trade show swag. 

  • What’s the message you’re trying to send, and how long do you want your target audience to receive it? 
  • What does a cheap pen say about you? 
  • Will the recipient keep using it after the show? 

These are important questions to answer, even when you’re pressed for time.

A pen will leave an impression about as long as the trade show itself, most often. They’re too common; everyone has made them at some point, so they don’t stand out. They don’t often get used, just thrown into a mug with twenty others. 

By contrast, a Pop Socket gets used over and over again for at least three months while it’s attached to their most-used device -their smartphone. That’s ninety days or more, instead of just three or four hours. That makes custom Pop Sockets many times better. It’s even more practical and useful than a pen, too, since people use their phones far more often than they do a notepad.

#1 Trade Show Goal: To Spark a Conversation.

When you go to a trade show, the goal is to spark a conversation. The key to making swag that sends a great message to event attendees is to make it relevant to both them and you. It’s hard to do that with many small products, but a custom Pop Socket makes it fairly simple. Pop Sockets have a bit of space for an interesting image and some text that have to do with the event or the location. That’s often what’s most memorable about those kinds of events; the act of traveling to a new city.

This doesn’t only apply to Pop Sockets, either. Other in-demand items that can receive this kind of treatment include custom-made headphones and city-specific t-shirts. The important thing is to do more than just printing your company logo on it and calling it good. No, you want to remind the user or wearer about the event along with your brand. Don’t associate your brand with just a product; associate it with a good product and a great experience! That’s the sort of thing that really stays top-of-mind.

Need Last-Minute Custom Pop Sockets? We Can Make That!

Of course, if the main problem is that you don’t have a lot of time to think this all through with a perfect design, Vox MG has got you covered! Even on a very short timeline, we can help you come up with a memorable design for your custom Pop Socket that will get visitors to your booth talking. We work hard to make sure to deliver high-quality marketing products of all kinds and for every situation. We’ll keep it on-brand for you throughout the whole process.

Whether it’s a Pop Socket, which is really easy to design in a pinch, or any of the other kinds of swag we’ve mentioned, You can count on Vox MG when you’re in a hurry. We’re able to custom print anything, including your brand name, slogan, or logo, and put it all together to create something that trade show attendees will want.

Make sure to reach out to Vox MG today if you’ve got a marketing event coming up!


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