Don’t Forget the Packaging! 6 examples of great packaging…

One thing that is often overlooked when designing a new product or promotional item is the presentation or packaging. Product packaging has tremendous power to grab our attention and even increase our likelihood to buy the product over other, similar offerings. In fact, it is one of the most important aspects of product marketing. You are looking to get results and a reaction from your customers. Packaging gets the reaction.

Bright colors, unique shapes, contrasting elements and striking typography are just some design elements that can be utilized to catch the attention of potential buyers. In this post we are featuring a few of the best packaging designs we have created lately.


One word of caution:
When creating unique product packaging don’t let the design overshadow the essential function of the packaging, protecting the product.

What is some of the best packaging you have seen? What product packaging has recently caught your eye?


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