Can Employee Incentives and Awards Really Boost Production by 13%?

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Clothing design companies like VOX MG enable businesses to experience significant gains in productivity. That’s a bold claim, but the research bears it out. Businesses can use items like hats, jackets, sunglasses, backpacks, and other well-designed employee incentives and rewards for improved performance. These incentives really work and result in companies where people work better as members of more unified teams. Let’s take a look at why this is true!

Why Employee Incentives Matter

Incentive programs with awards that are either tangible items or that come in the form of money do improve performance, according to industry studies. To obtain positive results of that sort, though, it’s important that each company works carefully on the selection and implementation of any incentive programs. Company goals, values, and cultures can influence the outcomes. Some programs may just fit better than others. Close and objective monitoring is essential to help gauge the level of success, and some companies may want to experiment with different options to discover which works best in their context.

When these factors are considered, incentive programs have been shown to increase individual performance by an average of 22 percent. Even better, programs that incentivize team efforts have shown improved results as high as 40 percent!

What would results like that mean for your business? What would you be able to accomplish with employees and teams that were 22 to 40 percent more effective? For many organizations, those numbers are impossible to ignore.

Reach Your Goals, Win More Than Expected, Reach Further

Why do incentives deliver such dramatic results? There are different reasons. One of them is because of a simple feature of human social psychology called the law of reciprocity. This law simply holds that people naturally respond to kindness with kind actions of their own. In the context of a business team, it means that when you give your employees more than what’s spelled out in their salary or wage agreement, including the standard benefits, they’re more likely to return the favor by going above and beyond their mere job requirements.

Another reason is motivation. It would come as a surprise to no one to find out that employees who don’t feel like there’s a good reason to strive for excellence rarely do so. Why stretch oneself to achieve a goal if everything stays the same afterward? That’s not how it is for everyone, of course; some folks strive to achieve for pure bragging rights or just to see how far they can push themselves, which is great. Others need more tangible reasons. Incentives for achievement can be that reason, and clothing design companies like VOX MG are a great resource for businesses looking to provide it.

Award Lockers and Incentivized Branding

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One particular incentive strategy that’s showing good results and becoming popular near us in the Utah Valley area is the concept of award lockers. The way it works is by structuring rewards such as increasingly valuable clothing items and pairing them with increasingly valuable cash amounts. Employees can “unlock” these awards by ascending through tiered levels of achievement. Reach a specific goal, win a nice branded clothing item and a cash reward. Reach a more difficult goal, and you can add to the earlier reward a more prestigious prize and substantially more dollars. These are powerful motivators that help company representatives have something really tangible to strive for.

An excellent variation technique is to tie branded clothing items to your company’s recruitment strategy and combine it with these award or prize locker programs. Some companies offer new hires a swag package of high-quality branded company gear that can be a serious motivator to join the team in the first place, in addition to the tiered rewards for performance. The companies that have employed this strategy have seen far greater overall business success than their competitors, in part because they know how to motivate their sales force to excel.

How Clothing Design Companies Can Help

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The biggest factor in making incentives work is the quality of the rewards. Clothing design companies such as VOX MG can ensure that what you offer your employees is worth working harder to get. If you have an idea based on a popular name-brand product that gets a lot of attention, we can help you design customized company-branded gear of the same or even higher quality. Your employees will want to wear it, and will want to do the extra work it takes to get it!

If you’re thinking about implementing this kind of incentive program, be sure to contact VOX MG to discuss how we can help make it amazingly good!


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