Facebook is Purging the Pretenders

Worry not if you have seen a sudden drop in Facebook fans suddenly. It is a good thing, and here is why.

Facebook confirmed today that it is purging fake account and fake Likes on brand Pages. These fake accounts are often associated with the internet underbelly of malware, account hacks, and other such nefarious activity.

If your page has seen a decrease in Likes, be happy. Facebook is removing fans that do absolutely nothing for your page and brand. They don’t like. They don’t share. They don’t comment on your posts and they certainly are not buying your products or services. Rather, they are costing you advertising budget with their fake Likes and clicks on your ads. The over-inflation of your fan count may have looked good, but in the end it did nothing to grow your business or positively affect the bottom line. So it is a good thing that Facebook is removing them and giving you a more accurate picture of your social marketing successes and ROI.

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