How Much Do Custom Door 2 Door Polos Cost? And other D2D Uniform Items

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Are you a business owner who’s getting ready to outfit your team of door-to-door sales reps? If so, you have a lot of things to consider. In addition to establishing clear policies and procedures to ensure you operate according to state and local laws, you also need to outfit your sales reps with custom door 2 door polos, lanyards, and other items.

While this may seem overwhelming at first, once you figure out what custom items you need, Vox MG will do the rest of the work for you, including manufacturing and fulfillment. But before you place your custom order with us, you may want to sit down and figure out how much it will cost to outfit your sales reps. That way you can create a solid financial plan and make sure you don’t exceed your budget. Here are a few of the most important components of custom knocking uniforms, as well as their typical price ranges.


Custom door 2 door polos are attractive and professional, and they’ll keep your sales team comfortable on long knocking days. We offer different fabric options, from Nike Dri-Fit to Ogio.

When selecting the right material for your custom polos, keep in mind that moisture-wicking capabilities are two of the most important features. Your sales team will be working up a sweat walking from door to door. Moisture-wicking polos can help them stay comfortable and dry (while also ensuring they don’t smell bad and repel potential customers away).

Price range: $16-45


When members of your sales team are out working, their heads are constantly exposed to the elements. You can help them out by equipping them with custom hats. The hats will serve the dual purpose of making your team members more comfortable while also clearly identifying them to customers. Proper identification is key to avoiding distrust.

We offer hats with dry-wicking fabric and perforated back panels. These are best for hot summer months and provide the most professional look while ensuring all-day comfort. We’re confident your sales team will love them.

Price range: $6-18

Rain Jackets

The weather has a way of turning foul when you least expect it to, and you don’t want your sales team to get caught in the rain with the wrong gear. If you’re in a city that gets a lot of rainfall, you may want to invest in custom rain jackets for each member of your sales team. A jacket that is water-resistant but also lightweight and packable is important. Your team members are out on their feet all day and should be able to quickly put their rain jackets into backpacks.

Our rain jackets are made to fit comfortably and are very durable. They’re also affordable and are the perfect addition to your custom knocking uniforms.

Price range: $25-100


Your door-to-door salespeople need a simple, easy way to identify themselves when they’re out knocking doors. You could always take Kip’s advice from Napoleon Dynamite and get yourself some nice matching gold bracelets … but we don’t recommend it. This is the only time you want to listen to Uncle Rico and get some professional badges. Name badges are essential for building trust and credibility.

Lanyards make it easy to display name badges without using pins or magnets, and they look very professional. They’re also highly affordable, so there’s no excuse not to buy a few for your team. We offer both printed and woven lanyard options for your convenience.

Price range: $3-12

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