It’s Time For a New Year!


2021 was a year that was filled with a lot of challenges but also a lot of opportunities for growth. That means that 2022 is a year that we can help you take advantage of those opportunities and help your brand grow! What are some of the best things you can get for your brand in 2022?


Uniforms have always been an important part of maintaining company culture and branding, but there’s also nothing worse than a boring uniform that no one likes to wear. We’ve got you covered with modern and trendy custom uniforms for your employees! Our employee uniforms are yours to customize from start to finish. Try a new color, or even custom taping or lazer cut mesh.


If you think our employee uniforms are customizable, you should see our jackets! Whether you need a windbreaker or a heavy winter coat, we’ve got it. Need a jacket that can fold down and fit inside a backpack? We can make that. Need something warmer that also features custom branding all over the entire jacket? We can make that. Picture a jacket in your head and we can make it


Hoodies are some of the most common swag items in the industry, but we don’t just print a simple graphic on a blank hoodie. This is Vox, we go all out. Custom texture, you got it. Custom paneling, you got it. Custom tags, you got it. Custom labels, you got it. A blank hoodie with a simple graphic one it, you can do that if you’d like to as well!


Our custom hats also got a serious upgrade this year. We didn’t think it was possible to customize hats any more than we have but we found a way! We already have custom patches, badges, printing, taping and more but now you can also get hidden pockets inside the brim of your hat. We think they’re pretty cool and we bet your employees will too.


Let us help you create custom apparel to create your company’s custom culture. To request an obligation-free quote, fill out our online form. We’ll get in touch with you soon!


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