Want to Know the Perfect Backpack Dimensions?

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What’s a high-quality swag item that you can give out to your team members, and that will help boost employee morale and loyalty? Backpacks are an excellent example of such a product. They’re far more useful than many of the other traditional swag items you’ll see lying around the average office!

Before you jump up and start ordering several hundred of them, though, take a moment to consider what fits best with your company culture. What are the perfect backpack dimensions, and what is yours meant to hold?

The Role of Backpacks Within Company Culture

Giving someone a backpack as a gift clearly shows that you want to make their lives easier. Helping your team members carry the things they need, whether for work, or for their hobbies and interests outside of work demonstrates that you care about them and their lives. They mean more to you than mere headcount.

Here at VOX MG, we recently made a major investment to help our employees work more effectively by purchasing new laptops for everyone to use. We wanted to protect this investment while also providing personal benefits in a way that showed our appreciation for their efforts.

So, we designed and manufactured our own Vox branded laptop backpacks! Each Vox laptop user is now has a high-quality way to safely carry their equipment to whatever workspace they find most enjoyable and productive! The backpack dimensions were engineered specifically with our company laptops in mind, while also providing plenty of space for everything else that each individual worker might need to carry with them.


What about Duffel Bags, Handbags, and Purses?



Who are the people on your team? What do they like to do? What kinds of activities does your company promote in terms of Wellness and employee health? In different circumstances, a simple purse or a duffel bag could be more useful and more appreciated. If you want to know which of all these products is the best way to express your appreciation for your team, consider your values, and theirs.



If your company promotes sports, or offers gym memberships as a hiring benefit, then a branded duffel bag would be a great way to help your employees carry their equipment or clothing to and from their workouts and games. If your team is built mostly of stay-at-home moms who work remotely, sending them a high-quality branded purse or diaper backpack will show that you know the sacrifices and struggles they are going through, and that you appreciate them. For companies with a strong outdoor ethos, hiking or military-style camping bag could be the way to go.



In other words, the perfect backpack dimensions are defined by the backpack’s purpose. Form follows function! In all cases, keep in mind that the smallest size that will reasonably hold files and papers along with a standard laptop is about 15 to 17 diagonal inches. The ideal volume will vary, but will often be in the range of at least 20 liters, up to 36 or more.



Manufacturing with the Perfect Backpack Dimensions: It all Starts with Design



That being said, form is so much more than a mere afterthought. Whatever product type your company’s particular values lead you to, you should never be satisfied with a generic design and a slapped-on logo!



We make it really easy for companies to design employee appreciation products that fit an exact vision of what they want it to look like and how they want it to perform. Our manufacturing process enables us to analyze the components that you like best from any name brand items, and mix and match and integrate those components to create the perfect product for your organization.



Consider the different components that make up a backpack:



  • Outer material that can be weatherproof or style-focused
  • Inner lining that’s durable and engineered to hold what you want to carry
  • Assorted external and internal organizational pockets
  • Zippers and other fasteners to secure all of those compartments and pockets
  • Reinforcing material at the bottom of the bag and other strategic locations
  • Adjustable straps and carrying handles
  • Electronic components such as charging ports – essential for use with modern smartphones and other devices you’ll want to carry





Each of these components works together with the rest to create a useful backpack. But you’ve almost certainly experienced components that have worked well for you, and others that haven’t, on backpacks you’ve used in the past. If you like the way the pockets are arranged on a certain brand that you’ve seen, but you prefer the textile material of a different brand, and you like the zipper design of a third brand, and you want it all in your brand’s distinctive colors, that’s no problem! VOX MG’s in-house design and manufacturing makes it possible to put it all together without sacrificing quality in any way.



When you’re ready to start building the perfect backpack for your team, reach out to VOX MG!


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