Over-thinking it. Just write.

1 Point for realistic Featured Image…who writes on paper any more?

Being that this is Post Number One, I found myself getting caught up in the decision of what direction to take this blog and about what exactly to write. In fact, I spent the better part of 3 days writing, rewriting, deleting—lots of deleting—researching and starting over before deciding to just write and see where it takes me. Results below.

I am as new to blogging as… (insert something that is brand new—and clever).  So this will be a new venture for an established company, one of many. In fact, although VOX has been around for 14+ years, we just recently launched a website to represent VOX and more accurately communicate to our customers. I say “more accurately” because while we did have a website previously, it was one that gave us a feverish case of websiteembarassitis. So much so that we pretended it did not exist and certainly did not want customers to look for us there.

We now have a clean bill of health and now have a website of which we can be proud. You may have seen it. If not, check it out.

As part of that evaluation of our website we thought it would be a good idea to listen to the experts and increase our social media presence. So of course where does one start?



And this VOX blog.

There are of course MANY other social media platforms, but… baby steps.

Like any successful company out there we provide a service/product for our customers. We want to help our customers as much as possible and the VOX blog will give us a platform to do so outside of our usual interactions. In fact, we hope this also will soon be considered a “usual interaction.” I invite your interactions—comments, feedback, post ideas.

In upcoming posts, I aim to deliver insights I have learned from challenges, mistakes, and successes. I’ll also focus on all things marketing, including topics such as; customer satisfaction & loyalty, promotions, promotional products, product design, importing, as well as, the latest in marketing strategy, social media, productivity, and much more. I hope you’ll join me.


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