Most Popular Types of Printing on T-Shirts for 2021

Printing on t-shirts is an effective and affordable form of advertising. They can help you build your customer base and spread brand awareness. They also make great prizes and employee incentives, because everyone loves a comfortable t-shirt. Here are some of the most popular t-shirt printing options for 2021. 

Puff Print

Puff ink was popular back in the 80s, and like many styles that fade away temporarily, it’s back in the limelight again. Puff print uses ink that’s made with a combination of plastisol color ink and puff print additive. The fun thing about it is that it expands when exposed to heat and makes the end product look almost three-dimensional.

Screen Print

Screen printing is the act of transferring ink onto a surface using a mesh stencil. One mesh stencil is used for each printed color. Screen printing is an effective way to transfer eye-catching images onto clothing using thick ink.


If you’re looking for pristine images without the somewhat pixilated appearance associated with screen printing, you may prefer direct-to-garment printing. This method, also known as DTG, is faster than other forms of printing. Instead of using screens to print onto t-shirts, the direct-to-garment technique prints designs directly onto the fabric surface.


Dye sublimation is a pretty interesting process. Instead of printing onto the surface of a t-shirt, this method involves forcing the sublimation ink into the fabric of the t-shirt using heat and pressure. The ink is literally forced into the pores of the fabric, which permanently close once the heat is removed and encapsulates the ink within them. The resulting image doesn’t fade over time like some other types of t-shirt prints.

Heat Transfer

Remember when iron-on decals were popular? Heat transfer is basically a new and improved version of the same process. The technique uses heat and pressure to transfer a design or logo from transfer paper onto fabric.

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