Reinventing the Wheel?

I was searching for an acoustic version of a sound for a video I’ve been working on and I came across this video where a guy was playing 22 songs using the same 4 chords. There are many other videos of people doing the same thing. This got me thinking. All these songs, at their base, are the same… and I like most of the songs.

Musicians don’t need to reinvent the wheel per say to put out great new songs. At their base they are comprised of the same roots (chords).

In marketing and promotions, we are regularly given the task of identifying the next big thing; that next great promotion that will turn the business around.  This request  is often asked while simultaneously discounting or forgetting promotions that have preformed very well in the past.

While it is important to not get stuck in a promotional rut where you are always doing the same thing, however, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Take a look at what has worked in the past and mold it to fit the present.

If your company doesn’t have an extensive history of promotions to draw from, take a look outside it. There are promotions that you have seen that keep coming back. Think about it for a moment. A prime example of this is McDonald’s Monopoly. It happens every year. Why? Do they run the promotion because their customers love it? Well…yes! And more so, because at the end of the day, it has proven successful in helping McDonald’s achieve its goals (presumably to sell more burgers).

On a smaller scale take a look at your last ten purchases. Were any of them purchased in conjunction with a promotion? If it worked on you, it can work for you.

Examples of great promotion are everywhere. It isn’t necessary to reinvent the wheel, when with a little direction, the wheel is perfectly suited to get you where you want to go.



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