Success? How do you define it?

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I came across this quote the other day while doing some research for a post, and rather than write that post, I felt discussing this would be better, and perhaps even more relevant.

It is easy in business and life to get caught up in the frantic pace of day to day task lists, meetings, sales calls, and the endless stream of emails. All of which need attention. All of which are important and lead to a level of success as defined by the dollar.

Without giving due attention to the myriad of day to day task, you simply cannot grow your business. Some might say you cannot succeed.

It is fair to say that success means different things to different people. My definition may not meet your definition, or even be in the same ballpark. It’s cool. We can still be friends.

I’ve defined success in many ways throughout my business career.

Am I making sufficient income to support my family?

Am I getting projects done on time?

Are the projects done with quality results?

Are quarterly targets being met?

Did I kill it in that sales meeting and get a new client?

There is a lot of pressure in the import and custom manufacturing to get each project right. However, with so many projects going on simultaneously, and each project requiring so many steps to completion, it really comes down to the outcome of each one. As much as you do not want to receive a bad product, I more so do not want to deliver a bad product.

So at the end of each project, if I can make you look brilliant for trusting me. Well, that is success!

A success that creates a perpetual cycle of opportunity for more success. Win, win.

How do you define success?


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