Taking your Branded Gear to the Next Level

Money thrown awayRaise your hand if you have ever received a branded shirt that you wore once before relegating it to hanging in your closet next to your sports jersey that you swear you will wear once it fits again. Not a lot of traction or impressions were gained from that particular piece. It was money thrown away.

My goal when creating a piece is to always create something that people will wear going forward. After the event. Outside of the office. On the weekends. After all, if they don’t wear it, what was the point?

Are you ready to take your branded gear to the next level?

When planning corporate apparel for customers, event attendees, or company holiday gifts there are ways to go above and beyond to really customize the piece and, more importantly, “WOW” your recipients.

Now, onto the next level…and I’ll let the picture do most of the talking.


Click picture for a larger view.

Of course, not every item shown is necessary on an apparel piece, but this should give you an idea of some of the customizing options that you may not have previously considered that will definitely make your piece stand out from the typical offering.

Apart from the custom neck tape, neck label, buttons, rivets, embroidery, rubber patch, and bug tag you could further increase the perceived value by adding a custom hang tag and packaging.

Custom zipper pulls are also an option that leaves a good impression.

Keep in mind that each of these options may require additional lead time to manufacture and deliver the piece.

The fact is, given enough lead time, a completely custom piece with all your desired branding elements can often be done less expensively than buying a quality polo shirt and slapping a logo on it.  Save money and leave a lasting impression with your audience (and everyone who sees them wear your piece) = Win. Win. And Win.


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