4 Questions Parts 1 & 2: Top Promotional Product Trends for 2020

I mentioned in a recent post, 4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Make Sure You Are Staying Ahead of the Competition, that we were asked  questions by one of our customers as part of an annual review they conduct with all their vendors. They asked us some great questions that are a good point of discussion and questions every business should ask regularly. Please forgive the braggadocious  the tone of this post  as this is specifically in response to the questions we were asked.

So let’s get right into the first (and second) question and our response.

The question asked was:

“Describe the top three trends in the industry as you see it and how your company is leading or reacting to these trends.”


“What product trends have you seen?”

Here are the top three trends we see in the promotional products industry right now.

Custom Manufactured Items

Everyone wants their promotional product to stand out in a unique way, from exact Pantone colors to particular details in the size and design of the product. We are uniquely suited to take on these projects and offer not only outstanding results but very competitive pricing, ease in ordering and producing such an inspired product.

VOX is one of the very few that can efficiently work directly with China (and other overseas locations) manufacturers without having to go through a  sourcing company (which would complicate the process and increase the price). We are fully equipped to take on these custom projects. We have offices in China that oversee each project and employees on the ground to coordinate each ongoing project. This further allows us to assure the highest quality product through direct oversight and quality control.

Our employees are specifically trained to oversee each custom order done overseas from the paperwork, organization, identifying the specifications and requirements of the project, creating samples, to securing the delivery of the final product from China to our customer. Our aim is to offer our customers exactly what they want without the hassle.

A great example of custom goods. This notebook and packaging was designed by VOX, and manufactured overseas.


Tablet Accessories 

We are leading the way in providing the best custom options and services available. Hit us up if you are looking for something fresh, new, and current.

Projections for tablet sales for 2020 range from 145 to 172 million units, this increasing popularity has pushed the demand for new and innovative accessories to go with them.

We have seen stylus ballpoint laser pens, cleaning cloths, hard and soft cases, small vertical sling bags, and even new inserts in backpacks specific designed for tablets. These innovations will continue to expand as more and more people make a tablet part of their day.

VOX has responded to this trend by seeking out quality accessories and offering the best pricing for these products. Our company also makes it a point to know exactly what is available and keep current on the promotional product trends in technology. We have quick access to samples, so we can confidently describe the quality, details, and design of these products.

Flip Portfolio for iPad
With a simple “Flip”, view your iPad in a compact tablet form or open the padfolio to take notes on the 6.75″ x 9.5″ writing pad while viewing your iPad.


Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-Friendly products are an increasingly popular trend and we have access to an increasingly wide range of products that cater to the eco-conscience consumer. Eco-friendly options are available in products such as t-shirts, polo shirts, water bottles, pens, and even keyboards.   And much, much more. We have responded to this demand by making these products available, by closely monitoring stock, and by providing detailed information on what eco-friendly products are in the market.

We work hard to stay educated on all the up and coming products, all the options available, and offer the most suitable choices to our customers, based on their unique needs and preferences.

Yes! It is exactly what it looks like. A keyboard made of bamboo.


In our industry, it is extremely important to stay on top of the trends so you can give the best to the customers. Our customers are not looking for yesterday’s hits. Regardless of the specific item type, they are looking for, they want fresh ideas. Ideas that will help them stand out to their customers. And when they stand out, we stand out.

We are leading the way in providing the best custom options and services available. Hit us up if you are looking for something fresh, new, and current.


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