The Vox Virtual Marketplace: Generate More Sales With Online Events

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Trade shows are the bread-and-butter of lead generation for companies across all industries. Unfortunately, trade shows this year have been almost universally canceled due to COVID-19. But don’t worry! You have the option to create a virtual marketplace or trade show that will promote your business just as well as any live show if it’s done right. Here’s how to generate more sales with your online events.

Focus on High-Volume Products

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Since trade show attendees can’t visit your booth this year, you need to go out of your way to attract them to your virtual event. One way you can do this is by putting a lot of thought into your product offerings. Take time to select products that will attract plenty of interest in your business.

This is an area in which Vox MG really excels. Our expertise is designing and custom manufacturing apparel, merchandise, and core products. We can provide you with practically any product you have in mind. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll manufacture or procure it for your event.

Look at What’s Working for Others

When planning a trade show, it’s wise to look at what’s working for others. Try to find at least one successful virtual trade show example you can follow. You can check out your competitors’ shows or look at well-run shows in completely different industries.

Your main goal should be to figure out what types of products, marketing techniques, contests, and incentives make the biggest impact on attendees during these shows. Then, do your best to implement those same things in your own online trade show.

At Vox MG, we work with many companies across different industries to provide promotional materials for online events. We know what types of products are most popular at such events. We’d love to give you product recommendations and advice if you aren’t sure what merchandise you’d like to have at your virtual trade show. 

Increase Your Event Marketing ROI

virtual marketplace online store

The most successful virtual events are those that generate the highest sales or leads while maximizing return-on-investment. Fortunately, it’s easier to get a good ROI with virtual events than it is with live events. You can further enhance your savings by hiring one company to take care of every major aspect of your virtual event for you.

Vox MG is a full-service marketing and online event provider that can do it all.

  • Manufacture all of your promotional products
  • Manufacturing any online shopping items you are showcasing at the event
  • Generate effective marketing materials using lifestyle video and studio images
  • Manage your virtual marketplace
  • Pick, package and ship all purchases out to your buyers

 By entrusting us with your virtual trade show, you’ll increase revenue while saving money and expending very little effort. Our proven virtual marketplace system engages, educates, and incentivizes your audience. We make the process easy, effective, and seamless for both you and your event attendees.

Ask About Our Virtual Marketplace Experience

Ready to hold a stress-free, virtual trade show that feels like a real-life event? Ask us about our virtual marketplace product. We are offering this valuable resource to select clients and would love to tell you more about it. Contact us to learn more.


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