5 Reasons Every Business Needs Promotional Products in 2020

Custom Branded WalletWith renewed marketing budgets for 2014 marketers are exploring options to get the biggest return on their investment. But even with extremely limited budgets and no marketing department whatsoever, businesses can still leverage one often misunderstood and very underutilized marketing tool; promotional products.

In order to highlight the reasons you should use promotional products we’ve put together this list of the top five reasons every business needs promotional products:

 1. Increase credibility

Whether you’re a startup looking to get your foot in the door, or a multibillion dollar organization trying to stand out from your competitors promotional products are a great solution for you. For small businesses, providing tangible items associated with your brand, your target market will see you’re a real player, and a viable option. For larger organizations, using promotional products to differentiate yourself from your competition can establish your desire to offer value to your clients beyond just making a sale.

 2. Create conversations

Have you ever heard the old cliches, “nothing happens until someone sells something,” or, “sales is a numbers game”? Those adages have become buzzwords for a reason; they’re accurate. Well, how do you increase those numbers? By having more conversations of course! Creating conversations via promotional products makes broaching conversations easier. By offering a small token of your appreciation, company or interest, you’ll find prospects’ defenses being torn down and doors opening.

 3. Keep your logo in front of them

The biggest frustration for marketers, salespeople and company owners comes from losing a deal to the competition or to indecision. It’s a well known fact that most deals are lost when the client decides simply not to buy, as opposed to buying from a competitor. So how can you keep your brand and your offering front-of-mind? Use promotional products of course! Make sure your logo is on your prospect’s desk all day every day with coffee mugs, pens, notebooks and more. And, for those customers you don’t want to lose? Keep the competition at bay by placing your logo all over your customer’s most precious real estate – their workspace!

 4. Reward customers

Speaking of customers, why not give them some token of your appreciation? Reward them for their business with promotional products! What if you delivered a small gift alongside each invoice? Would they look forward to doing business with you next month if they knew they were getting something they’d enjoy in return?

 5. Ask for referrals

Finally, use promotional products as a way to ask for referrals. Our customers have loved dropping by their customers with a small gift and an opportunity to talk about business. The promotional product serves as a great excuse to get in front of the client, indeed, but it also breaks the ice for a social situation where they can reciprocate – by referring their friends, colleagues and even competitors to you.

When you use promotional products to reach out to and engage with your target audience you show them that you’re willing to provide value right up front. Promotion products get you in the door and put you in a position to have meaningful and valuable conversations. If you’d like to learn more about how to leverage promotional products to grow your business contact us today!


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