Lifestyle vs. Studio Product Photos and Videos

At Vox MG, we offer lifestyle and studio photo and video services. We understand that our customers may not always know the difference between these two popular products. That’s why we’ve created this helpful guide to help you figure out which service will best meet your needs.

Lifestyle Photography and Videography

Lifestyle photos are designed to look like natural scenes. They’re casual, relatable, and engaging. They show people in action rather than sitting in still poses. They can also be a lot of fun to create and are very effective at showcasing your brand’s personality.

Lifestyle photos and videos are staged but don’t look like it. Instead, they appear to be genuine scenes unfolding in real-time. They tend to appeal to the laid-back, fun-loving side of people. When done right, lifestyle videos and photos can put people at ease and get them to trust your brand.

If you want to show your products in action, define your personality, and earn your viewers’ trust, it’s time to add some lifestyle videos and photos into your physical or virtual catalog. Viewers will naturally feel drawn to the casual scenes they see and will feel the persuasive pull to make a purchase.

Using Lifestyle Photography Effectively

The key to getting the greatest benefit from lifestyle photos and videos is to set them up in an optimal way. Without some structure, lifestyle photography can easily become chaotic and fail to deliver the intended message. Here are some tips for using props and models effectively in your lifestyle scenes.

  • Use models to demonstrate product size and/or fit
  • Stage the scene to naturally draw the eye to a particular product
  • Make sure props clearly show the benefits or features of a product
  • Have one or more models show the product in action

It’s OK to add fun and unusual props to your lifestyle photography and videography, but make sure they don’t detract from the main product you’re advertising. You want your viewers to come away with a lasting impression of your product, not the weird prop it was sitting next to.

Studio Photography and Videography

If lifestyle photography can be compared to candid photos, studio photography can be compared to classy glamour shots. Studio photos and videos are shot in a highly controlled, indoor setting. This allows the photographer to have complete control over the smallest details of the photoshoot.

Studio photos are ideal if you want to clearly show the features of a product. With studio video and photo shoots, the product is always front and center. There’s no background “noise” that can potentially take the focus away from the product you’re trying to sell.

Using Studio Photography Effectively

To get the most attention from your studio photos, remember that bigger is almost always better. Research shows that large photographs are more likely to draw the eye and make a lasting impression than small photographs. Sharp photography and tight crops are also essential for creating attractive and eye-catching studio photographs.

A Double-Pronged Approach

We suggest taking a double-pronged approach to your product advertisements. Use a combination of lifestyle and studio photos to capitalize on the benefits each type offers. Contact us today to learn more about our lifestyle and studio photography and videography services. 


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